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SABIF Georeferencing Workshop Schedule

University of the Western Cape
Cape Town, South Africa


MaNIS/HerpNet/ORNIS Georeferencing Guidelines
Georeferencing Best Practices
Georeferencing for Dummies
Georeferencing Spreadsheet Template
Georeferencing Resources


All Results as KML
Paper Maps results, spreadsheet
Trainers' Paper Maps results, KML (SAFricaAnswers.kml)
Trainees' Paper Maps results, KML (1302168825-05275-
Describe This results, KML (1302169138-05580-
Georeference This results, spreadsheet



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Monday - 4 Apr

Hour Activity
09:00 Opening and Welcome
(Selwyn Willoughby, Director, Biodiversity Information Management, SANBI)
9:20 Introducing SABIF
(Fatima Parker-Allie, SABIF Node Manager, Biodiversity Information Management, SANBI)
9:40 Demonstration of the SABIF Web Site and Data Portal
(Khwezi Flatela)
10:00 Introductions (Paula Hathorn)
10:30 Tea
11:00 Workshop Overview (John Wieczorek)
11:10 Georeferencing Introduction (Pieter Winter)
11:30 Collaboration to Automation (John Wieczorek)
12:00 Geographical Concepts (Nelson Rios)
12:30 Point-radius Method
Best Practices
(David Bloom)
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Georeferencing for Dummies,
Locality Types,
Georeferencing Spreadsheet Template
(Carol Spencer)
15:10 Georeferencing Calculator (John Wieczorek)
16:00 Tea
16:30 Georeferencing Calculator Example and exercises (John Wieczorek)
17:30 End

Tuesday - 5 Apr

Hour Activity
9:00 Review and Questions (all)
9:30 Internet Resources
Where to begin?
(Carol Spencer)
10:00 Exercises: Internet Resources
10:30 Tea
11:00 Exercises: Internet Resources (continued)
12:15 Training Discussion (David Bloom)
12:30 Game (Paula Hathorn)
13:00 Lunch
14:00 GeoLocate Accounts (Nelson Rios)
14:10 GPS Exercise Introduction (John Wieczorek)
14:20 Group Photo (all)
14:30 GPS Exercises (all)
15:30 Tea
16:00 Georeferencing Using Paper Maps,
Paper Maps Handout
(David Bloom)
17:00 Review and Questions (all)
17:30 End

Wednesday - 6 Apr

Hour Activity
9:00 Review and Questions (all)
9:30 Exercises: Using Paper Maps
10:30 Tea
11:00 Exercises: Using Paper Maps (continued)
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Exercises: Using Paper Maps (continued)
15:30 Tea
16:00 Exercise: Describe this Locality (John Wieczorek)
17:00 Training Volunteers (Paula Hathorn)
17:15 Review and Questions (all)
17:30 End

Thursday - 7 Apr

Hour Activity
9:00 Introduction to GEOLocate (Nelson Rios)
9:15 GEOLocate Desktop and Web Applications (with exercises)
(Nelson Rios)
10:30 Tea
11:00 GEOLocate Validation (Nelson Rios)
11:15 GEOLocate Collaborative Georeferencing Portal (Nelson Rios)
12:00 GEOLocate Collaborative Georeferencing Client (with exercises)
(Nelson Rios)
13:00 Lunch

Results: Paper Maps (Carol Spencer)

14:45 Paper Maps Review (John Wieczorek)
15:30 Tea
16:00 Results: Describe this Locality (John Wieczorek)
16:30 Good and Bad Localities,
Field Locality Handout
(David Bloom)
17:00 Review and Questions (all)
17:30 End

Friday - 8 Apr

Hour Activity
09:00 BioGeomancer Georeferencing Workbench (John Wieczorek)
09:45 BioGeomancer Workbench (Batch Processing) (John Wieczorek)
10:30 Tea
11:00 Data Set Preparation / BioGeomancer Project Exercises
(John Wieczorek)
12:00 Participant Georeferencing Projects (All)
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Volunteer Trainer Presentations
15:00 Workshop Evaluations (All)
15:30 Tea
16:00 Vote of Thanks (Volunteer Participant)
16:15 Workshop Summary (John Wieczorek)
16:30 End


Fatima Parker-Allie. South Africa. Node Manager, SABIF (South African Biodiversity Information Facility). Biodiversity Information Management, SANBI (South African National Biodiversity Institute). f.parker[at]
Paula Hathorn. South Africa. Learning Network Manager, SABIF. Biodiversity Information Management, SANBI. p.hathorn[at]
Khwezi Flatela. South Africa. SABIF Developer, SABIF, Biodiversity Information Management, SANBI. k.flatela[at]

John Wieczorek. USA. Information Architect, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, University of California, Berkeley. tuco[at]
David Bloom. USA. VertNet Coordinator, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, University of California, Berkeley. dbloom[at]
Carol Spencer. USA. Staff Curator of Herpetology, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, University of California, Berkeley. atrox[at]
Nelson Rios. USA. Manager of Collections and Bioinformatics, Tulane University Museum of Natural History. nelson[at]
Pieter Winter. South Africa. Collections System Project Leader, Biodiversity Information Management, SANBI. p.winter[at]


Gatien Nzenguet Boukondo, South Africa, University of the Western Cape
Abiodun Onadeko, South Africa, University of the Western Cape
Domnick Victor Wasonga, Kenya, National Museum of Kenya
Baba Ainina, Mauritania, Mauritanian Biodiversity Information Facility
Alex Asase, Ghana, University of Ghana
John Wambura, Tanzania, Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA)
Burgert Muller, South Africa, Natal Museum
Hester Steyn, South Africa, SANBI
Edward Sifiso Mnxati, South Africa, SANBI
Benny Byterbier, South Africa, UKZN Bews Herbarium
Connal Eardley, South Africa, Agricultural Research Council
Elizabeth Grobbelaar, South Africa, Agricultural Research Council
Kim Labuschagne, South Africa, BioBankSA/National Zoological Gardens/NRF
Jeanette Mosweu, South Africa, Iziko Museum
Erika Mias, South Africa, Iziko Museum
Sherwyn Mack, South Africa, SAIAB
Ilva Rogers, South Africa, SANBI
Zishan Ebrahim, South Africa, South Africa National Parks
Pride Mudavanhu, South Africa, University of Stellenbosch Conservation Ecology & Entomology
Audrey Ndaba, South Africa, Natal Museum
Robyn Tourle, South Africa, Albany Museum
Michelle Smith, South Africa, SANBI
Anisha Dayaram, South Africa, SANBI