The SABIF Portal

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SABIF Portal

Welcome to SABIF- the South African Node of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)

South Africa has a distinctive natural heritage and biological diversity (known species from a 2004 survey: ± 19 500 plants, ± 8 000 fungi and ± 60 000 animals), which pose several challenges and opportunities for conservation, sustainable use and stewardship. As a nation, we need to recognize, protect and manage this natural resource base by improving our knowledge and developing technology, designs, systems, approaches and strategies to contribute to a safer and healthier environment for all.


The Vision

The Vision

SABIF aims to contribute to South Africa's sustainable development by facilitating access to biodiversity and related information on the internet.




The Mission

The mission of SABIF is to:

Promote the sharing of data and information under a common set of standards by

  1. Developing and maintaining metadatabases
  2. Establishing and maintaining a web portal
  3. Providing funding for data digitisation
  4. Providing funding for data provider interface
  5. Facilitating the development of application tools for data use
  6. Encouraging networking and co-ordination of  activities